Africa home from Africa and ready for more.

At the time of writing, we are engaged in TEAMAUKARARE ADVENTURE. Only three days after we came home from 2 weeks in Namibia.

Day 1: Windhoek

The first day we booked into the Roof of Africa in the capital Windhoek. After a quick change of clothes to summer clothes, we went out in the township Katetura (means "the place no one wants to live") There are prizes if you see a "white" person. But for us, it was a highlight to meet all the nice people at Single Qarter Market, where we tasted local larvae, grilled meat and other snacks. Then the trip went to the beautiful women's project Penduka - where disabled and abused women get new opportunities and dignity into their lives.

Day 2 and 3: Desert-Sesriem / Sousousflei

Two 9-seater and a trailer full of camping gear left Windhoek in favor of the world's oldest desert - The Namib Dessert. A long but fascinating 8 hour drive brought us to Sesriem and beautiful sun- both up and down at Elim and the majestic sand dune Dune 45. But also a trip down into beautiful Sesriem Canyon

Day 4-6: Swakoopmund / Whale Bay

After beautiful days in Sesriem we came to the coast and Swakopmund- where we experienced the desert differently with Quadbikes, sand boarding (lying on your stomach for up to 80 km per hour) and camel riding. The desert is great! And the dolphin safari in Walvis Bay was one of the best -ever!

Day 6-9: ETOSHA safari

The safari of the times is next. One night at the watering hole in Okakuejo and two nights in Halali were three animal magic days. In 1st place: The week-old elephant cub that chased a rhino while proud parents blew very hard in the trumpet so everyone understood the seriousness. Otherwise, the lioness came and bathed her two cute little ones, giraffes everywhere, very photogenic hyenas lined up, and rarely many rhinos and elephants.

Day 9-12: Tsumeb and Windhoek

After the fantastic safari we came to Elverum's friendly town, Tsumeb. There we visited our aid project among Sanfolket- Ourwood Kindergarten (and a little school) This we will return to in a later blog where we write more about what we have done and what we think in the future.

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