Africa from Kasese to Lamu

Boat safari, Congo market and Swahili culture

Tuesday is market day at the Uganda/Congo border in Mpondwe. This multitude of culture is an experience of its own just to walk through. The fact that we also sneak into the Congo for the sake of the photographer makes it more exciting. After creating a bit of a stir at the market, where it is mainly single women from the Congo (war widows and victims of abuse) who gather. We then traveled to Bwera where we - together with Osen Oppvekstsenter - help a primary school founded by reindeer herder Øyvind Hauge Andersson.

Right on the border of the Congo
Many impressions in a short time
Competition: How much does a Boda-Boda cost?
The welcome committee arrived long before we arrived at Rena School
Great singing and dancing with Ted from Osen as a participant

On the last day in Kasese, we traveled to Queen Elisabeth National Park where hippos, crocodiles, buffalo and elephants were waiting for us, after a good lunch at Spirit Lodge

Then we were ready for Kenya and the exotic island of Lamu. This car-free Muslim community has a beauty few places can boast. Donkeys pawing around in the narrow alleys, crazy roosters and wonderful children's screams and Hakuna Matata and Jambo, jambo sounds around every corner. Not to forget the delicious Swahili food and always fresh seafood - everything from tuna to kingfish and lobster.
Picked up by Dhow from the airport
Two hours of Sunset sailing is manna for the soul
On the way to snorkelling at Manda Toto
Best meal ever. Fresh freshly grilled fish with salad and japati - eaten without cutlery!

Saturday trip to Lamu Town is a must - with a wonderful heritage story. It is unfortunately not a visit to the poor village of Matandoni, but all the more important to make the trip. Always something exciting there. Now there was the launching of a new Stor-Dhow, as well as that we tried to weave baskets of palm leaves. The town is simply called Kurvlandsbyen. Life at Lamu is really about experiencing life!