Africa - Aid / Safari

Africa fully socialized and ready for subjects

Africa has delivered a clear 4-star African dinner. With chef Larsen as head judge, a delicious sweet potato soup was made with chicken, very good and original Boobothi and North African fruit salad and garlic pizza strips with eminent hummus.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Snowboard, Music and Africa were on a trip to Landsjøåsen with 11 tasks for team building, a review of the musical "Den store Nissejakten" which is played in December and Snowboard which is skated in Trysil. Good picnic groups and Tacolag.

It was also an African Quizgame day with instant afro dancing, questions and rebus. This week finally starts common subjects, electives and everything else everyday across lines. Yep! First out was Fellesfag and info about our development projects.

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