Africa visits the San people in Ourwood

Last year we got to see the new classrooms that the assistance from everyone at Elverum Folk High School had contributed to. This year we got to see the new living room / canteen that we decided to have in January this year. And we are impressed with what Jacky and the San families have managed to get out of the funds.

A cool and good house for meetings, dining and similar meetings. In addition, the photovoltaic system was up and providing power to the water pumps, which in the next section leads to food production for the students at Ourwood and several families. They now grow cabbage, corn, potatoes and onions. an extra large reserve water tank is also in place.

This year's African litter and the others at Elverum Folk High School have now received proposals and budgets for what is desirable to build this poor but charming society further. A small dormitory building for the kids with several hours to walk from the homes, an upgrade of toilet (read, mini-wave ink booth) a solar cell system for cooking and for easy media installation for families. That is, the opportunities to watch TV in the evenings in the new living room.

It was a very shy group aged 3-17 who welcomed us with shy singing and shy dancing. New this year was a tour of a local family a little further away from Ourwood. To raise money for seeds to plant, they produce handicraft products for sale. There were some meaningful Christmas presents on the plane home.

Tomorrow will be the trip's first full day off. Good to drop the whine from the undersigned one day!

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