Uganda lecture

10 lectures for 6 schools

In the wake of a successful trip to Uganda, Afrika-Bistand / Safari has given a lecture to primary school students about our study trip to THE ASSISTANCE PROJECT our in Kasese. In September, the Africa Line arranged "Active for Others" for 6 schools in Elverum municipality and one in Åmot municipality.

ACTIVE for OTHERS: The student arranges as many sponsors as possible (relatives, friends, companies, neighbors) who support with a small amount per round the students run (Trail 1: 800m for 1st-4th grade and Trail 2: 1,3 km for 5th-7th .step) So if they have 5, -kr per round, have 10 sponsors and run 10 rounds… .then it will be 500, -kr per student. And if as many as possible manage it, 1200 students are able to get a lot of money. In addition, they can buy food during the break, and then there are many fun activities - to which all our lines contribute during the break.

THE LECTURES is an important part of our development assistance project. Then we can come up with fresh pictures / films and proof of what the schools have contributed through Active for Others. The students on the Africa Line have been divided into two groups and have had about 5 lectures each.

Planting of Eggplants and afterwards Mango Trees at Our Agriculture
We are proud of the big Football project and especially when we win the obligatory "women's national match" on a penalty kick!
Atmospheric welcome ceremony at our three schools.
Both German and English tourists had visited Mbunga and Restaurant Gode Dager-named after former student Sigurd Dager. Where also volunteer Inga, Maria, Camilla and Wihelmina and Fredrik have contributed. All from previous fhs years

For us, it is important to show how much we can accomplish for the money our students w / families, the business community and organizations in Elverum contribute. In addition to the school lectures, we use the fresh pictures and film clips of various supporters, teams and associations. And the message that we spend 100% of funds raised on REECs is important!

Now there are two lectures left, as well as the most important, - namely for all the other lines that have contributed the most to the assistance account through Marathon Weekend and bottle pledge.

After 28 hours, it was ready for 243000 NOK for our project in Kasese.