Norwegian-Culture/Adventure and Friluftsliv/Ekstremsport in Lofoten

From Kirkenes we take the ship Hurtigruten MS Polarlys to Svolvær in the Lofoten Islands. Here we meet up with the outdoor activity class. Together we explore maybe the most beautiful area of Norway? We visit Borg Viking museum, The black smith in Sund, the glas artist in Vikten, we drive to the beach in Laukvika to hunt the Northern light ( We actually see it several times on our trip). We drive and see Henningsvær and Nusfjord. We go Lofot-fishing. The largest fish  was 15 kg! We got around 200 kg Skrei- (cod fish). We also go on a eagle safari to see the largest eagles- “havørn”. It is majestic! At “Full steam” we are served fish roe, cod tongue and Bacalao. We also get to see how we make cod fish oil (omega 3) and everyone takes a shot of this fresh oil. Susan is impressed.

Now it is time to say good bye to Lofoten. We are grateful for all the wonderful people we have met on our trip,staff and students at Pasvik FHS and Lofoten FHS, all guides and fishermen. Thank you!



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