Friliuftsliv/Ekstremsport and Norwegian-Culture/Adventure canoeing

Norwegian – Culture/Adventure class and Friluftsliv class are canoeing Kynnavassdraget in strong wind in the area of Finnskogen. Kynna consists of small lakes with a quiet floating river with many turns between the lakes. Along the riverbanks we see traces of beaver and elk.

We paddle for 3 hours before setting camp at Sævsjøen. The Norwegian class stay in big group tente with stoves and Friluftsliv class makes bivouac of tarps and canoes.

We make meat- and vegetable soup in iron pots on the fire. We use the juice from cooking the flesh bones and ad root vegetables and meats.

During the night we get a taste of winter with freezing temperatures. After a good breakfast with coffee made in a pot on the fire, we continue the trip down the river.

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