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143 innlegg i gjesteboka
  1. Eli Tengelsen skrev:

    Vet dere når det blir lagt ut inn­by­del­ser til hel­gen 28–31 mai?
    Har bestilt hotell :)

    Til Barry :)
    Yes , of course I remem­ber you (how could one for­get :) )

  2. Barry N. Peterson skrev:

    Hei paa deg Eli Ten­gel­sen! Hus­ker meg?! Barry fra U.S.A. Jeg vaar et lit garn paa skole, menn jeg er naa fint. Jeg hus­ker du med fond mem­ories. Do you remem­ber our first meeting. To gut­ter told meg aa sei, «Hallo, jeg heter Barry! Vil du legge seg med meg ikveld?, That story has got­ten a lot of laughs over the years from my Nor­we­gian and for­eign fri­ends in col­lege. I had never been slap­ped before! Du er fint som du er! Els­ker fra meg, Barry

  3. Eli Tengelsen skrev:

    Gle­e­e­eder meg til hel­gen 29–31 mai !!! –da er vi en gjeng fra face­book (i alle fall)- som gikk på Elve­rum FHS 84/85 som kom­mer!!
    ..Det er 30 år siden…helt utrolig…dengangen det ikke var hver­ken data eller mobiltelefoner…men .….….…for et fan­tas­tisk år jeg /vi hadde!!!
    Skal bli sååååå kult å se igjen bygningene.….og Elve­rum og– i til­leg til alle oss som kom­mer den helgen :)

  4. Jardar skrev:

    Om jeg skal beskrive mitt år her med ett ord så blir det: Majes­te­tisk. Jeg kosa meg skik­ke­lig — i etter­tid har jeg lært meg inter­nett­mar­keds­fø­ring og job­ber med webut­vik­ling. Laget denne siden: http://www.bonustrollet.com/

  5. Rita Synnøve Mathisen skrev:

    Hei. Tok en titt siden våres pie har valgt denne folke­høy­sko­len. Mor­somme og infor­ma­tive bil­der!) Ha det rik­tig fint og lære­rikt alle sammen!

  6. Barry N. Peterson skrev:

    Hello Susie Grossman-Lerher. Susie, you stood out as one of the most refres­hing class­ma­tes of mine during our time toget­her in 1984–1985. I don’t know why I had such a pre-occupation with Suzette, with your plea­sant and joy­ful per­so­na­lity. Having con­tact with you in Oneida and in Flo­rida was a lot of fun, and your work in the navy as a trans­la­tor, and my inte­rest in James Bond and the tele­vi­sion pro­gram «24», and having met U.S. Secret Ser­vice, CIA, FBI, Federal Mar­shal, and reti­red U.S. Army intel­li­gence offi­cers have shaped my mind to see the world above the middle class, from whence I came, to look at world affairs as a kind of stage that I am on, sit­ting on a bench, and see­ing all for what it is beyond the pro­pa­ganda we are often fed by main­stream media.

    In the early or mid 1990’s, King Hus­sein II of Jor­dan, came to Min­ne­sota to visit the Roches­ter Mayo for pro­state can­cer the­rapy. Always one to make fri­ends and to try to serve as a fri­endly repre­sen­ta­tive of our state and nation, I cal­led the Mayo and told them who I was, that I am/was a great fan of King Hus­sein because we were both inte­re­sted in diplo­macy and his­tory, and I admi­red his talents.

    I actually asked the ope­ra­tor if I could be trans­ferred to his room to wish him well and to let him know that he had at least one fan at Uni­ver­sity of Min­ne­sota. The ope­ra­tor checked with her super­vi­sor. While a trans­fer could not be accom­mo­dated, she gave me the King’s hotel suite telep­hone num­ber. When I cal­led, I was met with a huge smile over the telep­hone, and excite­ment that an Ame­ri­can even knew about their king­dom, let alone the King’s pub­lic interests.

    We spoke for about twenty min­utes. I told him I was just a stu­dent at the under­gra­duate level, and that one of my neigh­bors had been a U.S. vice pre­si­dent, so I was reaching out in the spi­rit of fri­endship and brot­her­hood. The con­ver­sa­tion was a bles­sing for both of us — King Hussein’s fri­end and me, and we left it at that.

    After gra­dua­ting from Uni­ver­sity of Min­ne­sota, which was after my con­ver­sa­tion with the Jor­da­nian man, I also learned that Arch­b­is­hop Tutu was in a New York hos­pi­tal, also with pro­state can­cer issues. I cal­led his con­su­late and asked if I could have his address so that I could write to him, because our class at Elve­rum FHS sang with and to him when he came to the civic cen­ter in town to cele­brate and take note of the anti-apartheid work we were doing.

    I rece­i­ved his mai­ling address, wrote to him about that evening. He joy­fully respon­ded with a let­ter that I stu­pidly did not file in a safe place, and recal­led his time in Elve­rum. He was, and remains, a very warm indi­vi­dual and lea­der, alt­hough I think he must be in his late-70’s or early 80’s by now, just having said goodby to his dear fri­end, a fel­low Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

    As an aside, I recently made fri­ends with a young woman who is enga­ged to Roger Nobel, the fourth gene­ra­tion nep­hew of the emi­nent Alfred Nobel who star­ted the Nobel foun­da­tion in the late 1800’s.

    As I men­tio­ned, I never really came to fruition as a paid pro­fes­sio­nal. Too many gaps in mon­ths and years of emp­loy­ment to take me seriously. How­e­ver, my health and deme­anor has fan­ta­s­ti­cally improved, and I have wor­ked with or spo­ken to one of China’s lead­ing bil­lionai­res, as well as a now deceased grand­son of the Car­gill man who star­ted Car­gill Cor­po­ra­tion, a food sec­tor, pri­vat­ely held con­glo­me­rate valued in the bil­lions of dol­lars. Jim Car­gill was my land­lord, his niece, Yvonne Grosu­lak, was pro­mi­nent in the pro­perty mana­ge­ment of Dinna­ken Pro­per­ties. I lived at Dinna­ken House on the Min­nea­po­lis cam­pus of Uni­ver­sity of Min­ne­sota, and was respec­ted for my abi­lity to find all sorts of infor­ma­tion. They asked me to dig up a Celtic/Scottish name for a new pro­perty, so I went about it and had a lot of fun.

    My real glory, though, is that I have found humi­lity and small time phi­lan­thropy in my heart, and I am paren­ting youth from age 20–28 in their efforts to find work, manage their farm to pro­fi­ta­bi­lity, and sha­ring ideas to help improve the growth of busi­nes­ses in the Ashanti region of Ghana, West Africa. While I rece­ive only $951 per month from Social Security disa­bi­lity insu­rance, I send about $230 USD to Ghana every month for pre-schooling the son of Feli­cia from Dar­fur, and for hel­ping with rent, insu­rance expen­ses, and com­mu­ni­ca­tions expen­ses — as well as for main­tai­ning the finan­cial cost of upkeep of my daughter’s farm of around 8 hectares.

    Glo­ria plan­ted for maize, sweet pota­toes, and car­rots this year, with an orchard for plan­tains and a sig­ni­fi­cant area of the farm­land for cacao. I just figu­red out last week that since 2009, I’ve sent about $13,800 to my family, even though Glo­ria star­ted by tel­ling the cutest fic­tio­nal sto­ries about how she nee­ded money for her rab­bit herd. She’s a great story tel­ler, but I found out, other­wise, from her Ame­ri­can boy­fri­end, who was an aero­space engi­neer in Iraq, giving her $3,000 per month.

    We’d fal­len in love with one anot­her as we spoke of her life and of her family and grand­mum. I for­gave her for lying to me, and her boy­fri­end, who tur­ned out to not be right for women, retur­ned more money than I sent.

    My rela­tions with my family were adversely affected by my gifts to «stran­gers and cri­mi­nals» in Africa, but I vet­ted eve­ryone through various means, to include the ins­pec­tion by Cat­h­o­lic Arch­b­is­hop Tho­mas K. Mensah of Kumasi, Ghana. I have no regrets, alt­hough I sure could use about $1000 right now for a direct sales busi­ness I am inte­re­sted in starting.

    Well, Susie, and fri­ends, I will close here. Please know that many people with autism are highly intel­li­gent and can become socially flu­ent with the­rapy. I’ve done well with my recu­pe­ra­tin in both depres­sion and Asperger’s Syn­drome, which is no lon­ger found in the Dia­gno­s­tic Sta­ti­s­ti­cal Manual — V.

    Sus, I’d love to rece­ive an email from you some­ti­mes, or maybe a call. I under­stand if you can­not talk about your work. I’ve lived with that all of my life with my dad being a lawyer, and other fri­ends of the family being in law enfor­ce­ment and wor­king under the umbrella of Home­land Security.

    If inte­re­sted, I’m at CST. My telep­hone num­ber is 612–276-6266, and my email address is encourageothers@gmail.com

    With love an affec­tion from your old friend,


  7. Barry N. Peterson skrev:

    Hello from the Class of 1985! I hope you have, or will develop, an alumni society so that we can find our old fri­ends after years of being away from them, having matu­red and expe­ri­en­ced life in many colors and sounds.

    My parents in Min­nea­po­lis, Min­ne­sota, USA sent me to school because I was an annoy­ance. I didn’t know that I was despe­ra­tely men­tally ill and auti­s­tic with Bi-Polar Depres­sion ans Asperger’s Syn­drome, and they could bear to have me in the same nation with them.

    When I first came, it was nice, but then, I had 20 hours of Nor­we­gian per week for 36 weeks. After two mon­ths, I asked myself, «Who in the hell speaks Nor­we­gian. I’ll stop coming to class. Terje and Berit came to me in Novem­ber and told me that if I didn’t get caught up in my lear­ning by February, I would be sent home. By that time, I loved the feel of Nor­way, and so many mem­bers of the com­mu­nity, that I wor­ked my behind off to get caught up.

    In February, Terje and Berit came to me again and said, «Mr. Peter­son, in our twenty years of teaching for­eig­ners Nor­we­gian, we have never met anyone who could speak so well that we would never know they weren’t Nor­we­gian (actually, I am a Danish spy, and was col­lecting data on all the mem­bers of my class to pre­sent to Queen Mar­ga­rethe :) ). It was a memo­rable year, but the refrains coming from all social clas­ses of the Nor­we­gian com­mu­nity at school was, BARRY! Du er GAERN! With a lot of work and study, I have con­trolled my sym­p­toms of depres­sion and what is cal­led «hypo­ma­nia» — a level and type of beha­vior that makes one act silly, talk a lot, and feel superior to others.

    I took the long route through col­lege, due to my ill­ness and devel­op­men­tal disa­bi­lity, and have never had a high pay­ing pro­fes­sio­nal position. To this day, despite my family’s mode­rate wealth, I live at 70% of the U.S. poverty level — meaning that there is a group of 30% of people in poverty who are richer than me. I am now 52 years old. I don’t feel poor as I have had the bles­sing of spen­ding time with a few of the world’s top lea­ders, fami­lies, and their fri­ends, out of inte­rest in the per­so­nal, family, and pro­fes­sio­nal mis­sions. As well, I give nearly 10% of my money to young adults, and one todd­ler, in Ghana, West Africa, to help them with their needs, inclu­ding edu­ca­tion, sur­ge­ries, and seed money for two busi­ness start-ups in the Kumasi/Ashanti Region of Ghana. I con­si­der them as my family –two daugh­ters, a son, and a «nep­hew.» Two of my adult kids were orp­hans; one of my daugh­ters watched as rebels in Dar­fur, Sudan, mache­ted her family to death as she and her grand­mum were hiding in the bushes. They wan­ted her farm­land for the oil under­ne­athe the surface.

    My «sis­ter» wan­ted $20 for two years, but I was con­cerned that she may be try­ing to scam me. After two years, I wrote, «Milicent, I will send you money if you write up a busi­ness plan. If I think it will work, then I will GIVE you the $20 USD. I gave her $40 at first. She devel­o­ped a whole­sale pro­duce ser­vice This put her ear­ning at six times the average ear­nings of an average Gha­naian woman. Given my kind­ness to her, she took in Janet Oboa, and let her work at Milicent’s busi­ness. Janet is also from Dar­fur, where many kid­nap­pings and mas­sac­res take place every year. She felt that because I was kind to her, she should be kind to Janet to raise up her life and morale.

    Now, I am enga­ged to a fri­end in Bei­jing, China. She is doing very well for her­self as an owner of a dress factory, owner of three rental hou­ses, and ser­ves as a Mandarin-Chines/Mongolian trans­la­tor and inter­pre­ter for the Bei­jing Police Depart­ment, and seve­ral sur­gery units at hos­pi­tals across the city. She has also wor­ked for Chinese gold mine owners with mines in Mon­go­lia, and occa­sio­nally ser­ves as a tour guide to wealth Mon­go­lian fami­lies visi­ting Main­land China.

    Hasi heard about me through a fri­end and busi­ness associate (I wor­ked for free) from Ula­an­baa­tar, Mon­go­lia. Bur­maa (Step­ha­nie) told Hasi many sweet sto­ries about me, and she fell in love with me and said that she would marry me even if I were poor. After hea­ring a lot about Hasi, I agreed to marry her whe­ne­ver I get enough money to have a well-financed family. We met, and became enga­ged on, May 17, 2010 We write to one anot­her all the time, even though Hasi’s Eng­lish is not highly devel­o­ped. I don’t care about that as I’ve lived among people from so many nations and cul­tu­res throug­hout my life, that I under­stand a per­son when they have poor Eng­lish skills. Love and fri­endship is all that matters.

    Well, please say hello to the direc­tor for me. I greatly enjoyed him as a stu­dent of his, but have for­got­ten his name. If Mai Britt or Kjell Ingar are still around, or Turid, or anyone else, please greet them for me, too. I have lost track of names.

    With the grea­test of mem­ories, and occa­sio­nally still dream­ing in Nor­we­gian, but no lon­ger flu­ent, Deres venn,


    Barry N. Peter­son
    1600 South Sixth Street — 334
    Min­nea­po­lis, MN 55454

  8. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei Pet­ter. Det stem­mer. Du kan sjekke til­gjen­ge­lig­het under meny­punk­tet Kon­takt oss > Booke over­nat­ting her på hjemme­si­den vår.

    Ellers er det bare å si fra hvis du lurer på noe angå­ende søk­nad, linje­til­bud eller lig­nende, etter­som du vur­de­rer å søke :)

    Eivind Høi­myr, lærer.

  9. Petter Lexander skrev:

    Vur­de­rer å ta ett år hos dere! Fant nett­si­den deres på http://elverumby.com/ , her stod det også at dere til­byr over­nat­ting under store even­ter, stem­mer dette?

  10. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei Ida!

    Reunion for fjor­års­ele­ver er 15.-17. august! :D

  11. Ida GRIP skrev:

    Katti blir det reunion førr vi som va på efhs skole­året 12/13? :D

  12. Anonym skrev:

    Yum maby whai­tinh a baby with a woman in Vadsø!

  13. Susan Lehrer skrev:

    Hei ven­ner på Elve­rum Folke­høg­skole ! Jeg er en tid­li­gere stu­dent ( utveks­lings­stu­dent fra USA) som del­tok i 1984–1985 . I løpet av min tid der job­bet jeg med den grup­pen som ble foku­sert på spørs­må­let om apart­heid i Sør-Afrika og Nel­son Man­dela ble fengs­let , samt jobbe for å sende skole­ma­te­ri­ell til barn i Nami­bia . Jeg har også hatt gle­den av å delta i en Acca­pella oktett som sang fri­hets­san­ger­fra Sør –Afrika . Vi spilte inn en kas­sett i Hamar som heter » Vakre Afrika . » I desem­ber 1984 , da bis­kop Des­mond Tutu kom til Norge for å motta hans Nobels freds­pris , kom han til Elve­rum for en kveld , og vi fikk anled­ning til å synge for ham og med ham , blant annet den sør­afri­kanske nasjo­nal­san­gen som var i dag ulov­lig i det lan­det. Hva en mulig­het ! Jeg har så mange fan­tas­tiske min­ner fra min tid der , og de ​​har blitt brakt til for­kant av mitt sinn med døds­fal­let til Nel­son Man­dela . Jeg kan se av dette nett­ste­det hvor­dan pro­gram­met , og sko­len har vokst . Jeg er i ære­frykt ! Jeg håper en dag å ha mulig­he­ten til å komme til­bake og besøke . God Jul og Godt Nyttår til dere alle ! Susie Gross­man Lehrer,

  14. Ole Frode Mikkelsgård skrev:

    På vegne av Elve­rum videre­gå­ende skole: Gra­tu­le­rer så mye til alle dere på Elve­rum folke­høg­skule med pri­sen som årets inter­na­sjo­nale elve­rum­sing! Vel for­tjent pris! Lykke til videre med det inter­na­sjo­nale arbeidet!

  15. Kristian Wessel Finstad skrev:

    Du kan sette igjen syk­ke­len hjemme i første omgang, Richie.…

    Kris­tian (Lærer)

  16. Richie skrev:

    Hei­s­ann! Du nå sit­ter jeg og ser på den lis­ten jeg fikk av dere for en stund siden. der står det hva du tren­ger av saker for året (backpacker/ekstremsport lin­jen). en av disse sakene er da syk­kel. æ har syk­kel men har rett og slett ikke mulig­het til å ta den med i første omgang fordi jeg har for mye alle­rede. har ikke bil og må der­for ta buss (Kris­tian­sand — Elve­rum). er den vel­dig vik­tig eller? hvis den er det så kan æ ta den med, men vil helst ikke.

  17. Åsmund Mjelva skrev:

    Hello Vic­to­ria. Nor­mally the school is clo­sed in the holi­days. During the chris­t­mas holi­day we also have the Natio­nal Youth Sym­phony Orchestra living here. On the 18th of Decem­ber we have les­sons until about noon, and the school will be clo­sed in the after­noon. Some­ti­mes we may be able to help for­eign stu­dents for a night. It is pos­sible to pay in mon­thly rates. More infor­ma­tion about these ques­tions will be sent in the begin­ning of week 32. :)

  18. Victoria Reinhardt skrev:

    is it pos­sible for stu­dents from abroad to stay at the school during the holi­days (not the chris­t­mas holi­days)? And when do clas­ses end on Decem­ber 18th? Do we have to leave on that day or can we stay till Decem­ber 19th? And when do we have to pay the rest of the tution? :)

  19. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei Ruben. Jada, den kan du bare ta med. Vi har parkering :)

  20. Ruben skrev:

    Hei! Hvor­dan er det med bil? Kan jeg ta den med? er det egen par­ke­ring der?

  21. Sverre Helland skrev:

    Vi er en gjeng verne­plik­tige fra Htts Kampe­skad­ro­nen som skal arran­gere dim­me­fest. Lurte på om noen av dere fra Teater/musikal kunne være inte­re­sert i å opp­tre? Så er dere hjer­te­lig vel­komne til å delta på fest­lig­he­tene videre.

  22. Åsmund Mjelva skrev:

    Hei Kata­rina. Vi øns­ker oss bil­der i lite for­mat som pas­ser til legi­ti­ma­sjon og skole­ar­kiv. Det gjør ikke noe om det kom­mer litt senere.

  23. katarina skrev:

    hei har sent bekref­telse på plass og betalt. lurer da på åssen bil­dene skall vere og om dem kan sen­des på mail?
    og gjør det noe om det kom­mer mye senere en det andre?

  24. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei Silje. Det har vi ikke, men det er fult mulig å avtale en liten omvis­ning hvis du har lyst til å komme innom :)

  25. Silje skrev:

    Hei! Har dere noen spe­si­elle dager eller noe spe­si­elt opp­legg for når man kan komme på besøk og se på skolen?

  26. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei! Hvert år er det vel­dig varie­rende hvor mye folk har stått før de begyn­ner. Noen har stått lenge, men ikke mye. Noen har ikke kjørt så mye. Andre har kjørt mye over lang tid og kjørt kon­kur­ran­ser osv. I år er det et par som har kon­kur­rert i noen kon­kur­ran­ser, :)
    Det vik­tigste hvis du skal gå snow­board­linja er at du har lyst til å utfordre deg selv og er moti­vert til å bruke mye tid på bret­tet. Da kan du bli så god du bare vil på et år! :)

  27. Maria skrev:

    Hei jeg lurer på hvor­dan nivået er på snow­board linja i år, er de fleste med i kon­kur­ran­ser og slikt eller var det noen nybe­gyn­nere også?

  28. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei Maria. Det lureste du kan gjøre er egent­lig å ringe rek­tor Åsmund på tlf 62435202, han har med alt av søk­na­der å gjøre, og kan nok svare deg :)

    Sånn gene­relt kan jeg si at det all­tid er en mulig­het for å komme inn, det vik­tigste man kan gjøre da er å være på hug­get og vise inter­esse og høre om det har blitt noe ledig hvis linja egent­lig er full, men det kan Åsmund svare på :)

  29. Maria skrev:

    Jeg lurer på hvor lang tid det tar før man får svar jeg søkte for litt under en uke siden, og har ikke fått noe beskjed om søk­na­den er mot­tatt.
    Jeg lurer også på om man får svar på Mail ?
    Også til­slutt lurer jeg på om det er flere ledige plas­ser på snow­board linja, om det er sann­syn­lig at jeg får plass selv om jeg søkte to uker for sent.
    Hilse maria

  30. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei Kata­rina. Det er vel­dig vik­tig at du har sendt inn alle ved­legg hvis du vil ha svar raskt. Hvis du har gjort det og fort­satt ven­ter på svar anbe­fa­ler vi å ringe rek­tor Åsmund på tlf 62435202

  31. katarina skrev:

    hei hvor lang tid tar det før en får vite om en får blass eller ikke?

  32. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei Lena. Så lenge du sen­der med svar på alle punk­tene på svar­skje­maet kan du gjerne svare på mail. Men det er vik­tig at alt kom­mer med :)

    Hanne. Det er vel­dig vik­tig at du har sendt inn alle ved­legg hvis du vil ha svar raskt. Hvis du har gjort det og fort­satt ven­ter på svar anbe­fa­ler vi å ringe rek­tor Åsmund på tlf 62435202 :)

  33. Hanne skrev:

    Kor lang tid tar det ca før du får vite om du får plass eller ikkje? (Når du søker etter 1. Februar)

  34. Lena Storlien skrev:

    kan man takke ja til skole plas­sen på e-post eller skal man sen­de­svar­slip­pen i posten?

  35. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei Hanne. Du må gjerne sende de karak­ter­ut­skrif­tene du har til nå ved første mulig­het til post@elverumfhs.no. Takk! :)

  36. Hanne skrev:

    Hei. Når eg skal sende karak­ter­ut­skrif­tene, kva e-post adresse skal eg sende dei til?

  37. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hei Ruben. Ja, du kan gjøre som du vil når ikke du har under­vis­ning, men vi har ingen inn­e­tid du må være inne til :)

  38. Ruben skrev:

    Hei­s­ann! hvor­dan er det med fri­tid?
    Kan man gjøre som man vil etter skole dagen er over så lenge man er inne til tiden?

  39. Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr skrev:

    Hi Vici!
    If I may say, I think that’s an ama­zing idea! ;)
    You can find our eng­lish brochure here http://elverumfhs.no/english/

    You can find an over­view of the costs here http://www.elverumfhs.no/pdf/okonomi2012.pdf

    Sorry its in nor­we­gian, but if you have more ques­tions don’t hesi­tate to con­tact us at post@elverumfhs.no. We’ll be happy to answer :)

  40. Victoria Reinhardt skrev:

    I’m from Ger­many and would like to spend a year at your school. Is your brochure also in Eng­lish avai­lable? And could you give me an over­view of the costs. I’m a bit lost, because I don’t speak Nor­we­gian… :)
    Love Vici

  41. Silje skrev:


    Vi er en gruppe medie­fag­stu­den­ter på Høg­sko­len i Hed­mark. Først­kom­mende tors­dag, altså 12.april, skal vi fil­men en eksa­mens­opp­gave. I den for­bin­delse tren­ger vi noen sta­tis­ter til å bli med på fil­min­gen. Opp­tak vil skjer på Skog­bruks­mu­seet i Elve­rum kl 17.00. Hvis noen har lyst og mulig­het til å bli ta kon­takt med meg på 934 200 32! :) Mvh Silje

  42. Arne Robert Eidstuen skrev:

    Hei Naledi,
    Canon eller Nikon har de fleste ele­vene her.
    Feks. Nikon D3100 m/18-105mm er ute på salg for under 5000kr,
    vel­ger du 18-55mm i ste­det spa­rer du en tusen­lapp..
    mvh, Arne Robert

  43. Naledi skrev:

    Hei :)

    Skal kjøpe meg digi­talt speil­re­fleks­ka­mera til foto­linja neste år.. Kan dere anbe­fale meg et?

    Hil­sen Naledi