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Skriv i Elverum folkehøgskoles gjestebok. Legg gjerne inn en hilsen, en kommentar om ditt skoleår eller spørsmål du ønsker svar på.

Vi forbeholder oss retten til å fjerne eventuelle upassende innlegg.

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  • Eli Tengelsen

    Vet dere når det blir lagt ut innbydelser til helgen 28-31 mai?
    Har bestilt hotell :)

    Til Barry :)
    Yes , of course I remember you (how could one forget :) )

  • Barry N. Peterson

    Hei paa deg Eli Tengelsen! Husker meg?! Barry fra U.S.A. Jeg vaar et lit garn paa skole, menn jeg er naa fint. Jeg husker du med fond memories. Do you remember our first meeting. To gutter told meg aa sei, «Hallo, jeg heter Barry! Vil du legge seg med meg ikveld?, That story has gotten a lot of laughs over the years from my Norwegian and foreign friends in college. I had never been slapped before! Du er fint som du er! Elsker fra meg, Barry

  • Eli Tengelsen

    Gleeeeder meg til helgen 29-31 mai !!! -da er vi en gjeng fra facebook (i alle fall)- som gikk på Elverum FHS 84/85 som kommer!!
    ..Det er 30 år siden…helt utrolig…dengangen det ikke var hverken data eller mobiltelefoner…men …………for et fantastisk år jeg /vi hadde!!!
    Skal bli sååååå kult å se igjen bygningene…..og Elverum og- i tilleg til alle oss som kommer den helgen :)

  • Jardar

    Om jeg skal beskrive mitt år her med ett ord så blir det: Majestetisk. Jeg kosa meg skikkelig – i ettertid har jeg lært meg internettmarkedsføring og jobber med webutvikling. Laget denne siden:

  • Rita Synnøve Mathisen

    Hei. Tok en titt siden våres pie har valgt denne folkehøyskolen. Morsomme og informative bilder!) Ha det riktig fint og lærerikt alle sammen!

  • Barry N. Peterson

    Hello Susie Grossman-Lerher. Susie, you stood out as one of the most refreshing classmates of mine during our time together in 1984-1985. I don’t know why I had such a pre-occupation with Suzette, with your pleasant and joyful personality. Having contact with you in Oneida and in Florida was a lot of fun, and your work in the navy as a translator, and my interest in James Bond and the television program «24», and having met U.S. Secret Service, CIA, FBI, Federal Marshal, and retired U.S. Army intelligence officers have shaped my mind to see the world above the middle class, from whence I came, to look at world affairs as a kind of stage that I am on, sitting on a bench, and seeing all for what it is beyond the propaganda we are often fed by mainstream media.

    In the early or mid 1990’s, King Hussein II of Jordan, came to Minnesota to visit the Rochester Mayo for prostate cancer therapy. Always one to make friends and to try to serve as a friendly representative of our state and nation, I called the Mayo and told them who I was, that I am/was a great fan of King Hussein because we were both interested in diplomacy and history, and I admired his talents.

    I actually asked the operator if I could be transferred to his room to wish him well and to let him know that he had at least one fan at University of Minnesota. The operator checked with her supervisor. While a transfer could not be accommodated, she gave me the King’s hotel suite telephone number. When I called, I was met with a huge smile over the telephone, and excitement that an American even knew about their kingdom, let alone the King’s public interests.

    We spoke for about twenty minutes. I told him I was just a student at the undergraduate level, and that one of my neighbors had been a U.S. vice president, so I was reaching out in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood. The conversation was a blessing for both of us — King Hussein’s friend and me, and we left it at that.

    After graduating from University of Minnesota, which was after my conversation with the Jordanian man, I also learned that Archbishop Tutu was in a New York hospital, also with prostate cancer issues. I called his consulate and asked if I could have his address so that I could write to him, because our class at Elverum FHS sang with and to him when he came to the civic center in town to celebrate and take note of the anti-apartheid work we were doing.

    I received his mailing address, wrote to him about that evening. He joyfully responded with a letter that I stupidly did not file in a safe place, and recalled his time in Elverum. He was, and remains, a very warm individual and leader, although I think he must be in his late-70’s or early 80’s by now, just having said goodby to his dear friend, a fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

    As an aside, I recently made friends with a young woman who is engaged to Roger Nobel, the fourth generation nephew of the eminent Alfred Nobel who started the Nobel foundation in the late 1800’s.

    As I mentioned, I never really came to fruition as a paid professional. Too many gaps in months and years of employment to take me seriously. However, my health and demeanor has fantastically improved, and I have worked with or spoken to one of China’s leading billionaires, as well as a now deceased grandson of the Cargill man who started Cargill Corporation, a food sector, privately held conglomerate valued in the billions of dollars. Jim Cargill was my landlord, his niece, Yvonne Grosulak, was prominent in the property management of Dinnaken Properties. I lived at Dinnaken House on the Minneapolis campus of University of Minnesota, and was respected for my ability to find all sorts of information. They asked me to dig up a Celtic/Scottish name for a new property, so I went about it and had a lot of fun.

    My real glory, though, is that I have found humility and small time philanthropy in my heart, and I am parenting youth from age 20-28 in their efforts to find work, manage their farm to profitability, and sharing ideas to help improve the growth of businesses in the Ashanti region of Ghana, West Africa. While I receive only $951 per month from Social Security disability insurance, I send about $230 USD to Ghana every month for pre-schooling the son of Felicia from Darfur, and for helping with rent, insurance expenses, and communications expenses — as well as for maintaining the financial cost of upkeep of my daughter’s farm of around 8 hectares.

    Gloria planted for maize, sweet potatoes, and carrots this year, with an orchard for plantains and a significant area of the farmland for cacao. I just figured out last week that since 2009, I’ve sent about $13,800 to my family, even though Gloria started by telling the cutest fictional stories about how she needed money for her rabbit herd. She’s a great story teller, but I found out, otherwise, from her American boyfriend, who was an aerospace engineer in Iraq, giving her $3,000 per month.

    We’d fallen in love with one another as we spoke of her life and of her family and grandmum. I forgave her for lying to me, and her boyfriend, who turned out to not be right for women, returned more money than I sent.

    My relations with my family were adversely affected by my gifts to «strangers and criminals» in Africa, but I vetted everyone through various means, to include the inspection by Catholic Archbishop Thomas K. Mensah of Kumasi, Ghana. I have no regrets, although I sure could use about $1000 right now for a direct sales business I am interested in starting.

    Well, Susie, and friends, I will close here. Please know that many people with autism are highly intelligent and can become socially fluent with therapy. I’ve done well with my recuperatin in both depression and Asperger’s Syndrome, which is no longer found in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual – V.

    Sus, I’d love to receive an email from you sometimes, or maybe a call. I understand if you cannot talk about your work. I’ve lived with that all of my life with my dad being a lawyer, and other friends of the family being in law enforcement and working under the umbrella of Homeland Security.

    If interested, I’m at CST. My telephone number is 612-276-6266, and my email address is

    With love an affection from your old friend,


  • Barry N. Peterson

    Hello from the Class of 1985! I hope you have, or will develop, an alumni society so that we can find our old friends after years of being away from them, having matured and experienced life in many colors and sounds.

    My parents in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA sent me to school because I was an annoyance. I didn’t know that I was desperately mentally ill and autistic with Bi-Polar Depression ans Asperger’s Syndrome, and they could bear to have me in the same nation with them.

    When I first came, it was nice, but then, I had 20 hours of Norwegian per week for 36 weeks. After two months, I asked myself, «Who in the hell speaks Norwegian. I’ll stop coming to class. Terje and Berit came to me in November and told me that if I didn’t get caught up in my learning by February, I would be sent home. By that time, I loved the feel of Norway, and so many members of the community, that I worked my behind off to get caught up.

    In February, Terje and Berit came to me again and said, «Mr. Peterson, in our twenty years of teaching foreigners Norwegian, we have never met anyone who could speak so well that we would never know they weren’t Norwegian (actually, I am a Danish spy, and was collecting data on all the members of my class to present to Queen Margarethe :) ). It was a memorable year, but the refrains coming from all social classes of the Norwegian community at school was, BARRY! Du er GAERN! With a lot of work and study, I have controlled my symptoms of depression and what is called «hypomania» — a level and type of behavior that makes one act silly, talk a lot, and feel superior to others.

    I took the long route through college, due to my illness and developmental disability, and have never had a high paying professional position. To this day, despite my family’s moderate wealth, I live at 70% of the U.S. poverty level — meaning that there is a group of 30% of people in poverty who are richer than me. I am now 52 years old. I don’t feel poor as I have had the blessing of spending time with a few of the world’s top leaders, families, and their friends, out of interest in the personal, family, and professional missions. As well, I give nearly 10% of my money to young adults, and one toddler, in Ghana, West Africa, to help them with their needs, including education, surgeries, and seed money for two business start-ups in the Kumasi/Ashanti Region of Ghana. I consider them as my family –two daughters, a son, and a «nephew.» Two of my adult kids were orphans; one of my daughters watched as rebels in Darfur, Sudan, macheted her family to death as she and her grandmum were hiding in the bushes. They wanted her farmland for the oil underneathe the surface.

    My «sister» wanted $20 for two years, but I was concerned that she may be trying to scam me. After two years, I wrote, «Milicent, I will send you money if you write up a business plan. If I think it will work, then I will GIVE you the $20 USD. I gave her $40 at first. She developed a wholesale produce service This put her earning at six times the average earnings of an average Ghanaian woman. Given my kindness to her, she took in Janet Oboa, and let her work at Milicent’s business. Janet is also from Darfur, where many kidnappings and massacres take place every year. She felt that because I was kind to her, she should be kind to Janet to raise up her life and morale.

    Now, I am engaged to a friend in Beijing, China. She is doing very well for herself as an owner of a dress factory, owner of three rental houses, and serves as a Mandarin-Chines/Mongolian translator and interpreter for the Beijing Police Department, and several surgery units at hospitals across the city. She has also worked for Chinese gold mine owners with mines in Mongolia, and occasionally serves as a tour guide to wealth Mongolian families visiting Mainland China.

    Hasi heard about me through a friend and business associate (I worked for free) from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Burmaa (Stephanie) told Hasi many sweet stories about me, and she fell in love with me and said that she would marry me even if I were poor. After hearing a lot about Hasi, I agreed to marry her whenever I get enough money to have a well-financed family. We met, and became engaged on, May 17, 2010 We write to one another all the time, even though Hasi’s English is not highly developed. I don’t care about that as I’ve lived among people from so many nations and cultures throughout my life, that I understand a person when they have poor English skills. Love and friendship is all that matters.

    Well, please say hello to the director for me. I greatly enjoyed him as a student of his, but have forgotten his name. If Mai Britt or Kjell Ingar are still around, or Turid, or anyone else, please greet them for me, too. I have lost track of names.

    With the greatest of memories, and occasionally still dreaming in Norwegian, but no longer fluent, Deres venn,


    Barry N. Peterson
    1600 South Sixth Street – 334
    Minneapolis, MN 55454

  • Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr

    Hei Petter. Det stemmer. Du kan sjekke tilgjengelighet under menypunktet Kontakt oss > Booke overnatting her på hjemmesiden vår.

    Ellers er det bare å si fra hvis du lurer på noe angående søknad, linjetilbud eller lignende, ettersom du vurderer å søke :)

    Eivind Høimyr, lærer.

  • Petter Lexander

    Vurderer å ta ett år hos dere! Fant nettsiden deres på , her stod det også at dere tilbyr overnatting under store eventer, stemmer dette?

  • Eivind Ellingsen Høimyr

    Hei Ida!

    Reunion for fjorårselever er 15.-17. august! 😀

  • Ida GRIP

    Katti blir det reunion førr vi som va på efhs skoleåret 12/13? 😀

  • Anonym

    Yum maby whaitinh a baby with a woman in Vadsø!

  • Susan Lehrer

    Hei venner på Elverum Folkehøgskole ! Jeg er en tidligere student ( utvekslingsstudent fra USA) som deltok i 1984-1985 . I løpet av min tid der jobbet jeg med den gruppen som ble fokusert på spørsmålet om apartheid i Sør-Afrika og Nelson Mandela ble fengslet , samt jobbe for å sende skolemateriell til barn i Namibia . Jeg har også hatt gleden av å delta i en Accapella oktett som sang frihetssangerfra Sør -Afrika . Vi spilte inn en kassett i Hamar som heter » Vakre Afrika . » I desember 1984 , da biskop Desmond Tutu kom til Norge for å motta hans Nobels fredspris , kom han til Elverum for en kveld , og vi fikk anledning til å synge for ham og med ham , blant annet den sørafrikanske nasjonalsangen som var i dag ulovlig i det landet. Hva en mulighet ! Jeg har så mange fantastiske minner fra min tid der , og de ​​har blitt brakt til forkant av mitt sinn med dødsfallet til Nelson Mandela . Jeg kan se av dette nettstedet hvordan programmet , og skolen har vokst . Jeg er i ærefrykt ! Jeg håper en dag å ha muligheten til å komme tilbake og besøke . God Jul og Godt Nyttår til dere alle ! Susie Grossman Lehrer,

  • Ole Frode Mikkelsgård

    På vegne av Elverum videregående skole: Gratulerer så mye til alle dere på Elverum folkehøgskule med prisen som årets internasjonale elverumsing! Vel fortjent pris! Lykke til videre med det internasjonale arbeidet!

  • Kristian Wessel Finstad

    Du kan sette igjen sykkelen hjemme i første omgang, Richie….

    Kristian (Lærer)

  • Richie

    Heisann! Du nå sitter jeg og ser på den listen jeg fikk av dere for en stund siden. der står det hva du trenger av saker for året (backpacker/ekstremsport linjen). en av disse sakene er da sykkel. æ har sykkel men har rett og slett ikke mulighet til å ta den med i første omgang fordi jeg har for mye allerede. har ikke bil og må derfor ta buss (Kristiansand – Elverum). er den veldig viktig eller? hvis den er det så kan æ ta den med, men vil helst ikke.

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