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Welcome to Elverum and Norway!

Elverum Folkehogskule is a unique boarding school for students finished with high school, or beginning college. It offer academic and non-academic courses to all its students. The school is a one year course with most of its students being between the ages 18 and 24. The majority of students come from all parts of Norway, but others have come from the United States, Europe and countries from all over the world.

The school is not a tool to look for permanent stay or work in Norway. The Norwegian course focuses on learning the language and culture. Students that take the Norwegian course will have class several times a week along with other core subjects such as choir, group activities, discussions on world events, and seminars with the entire school. Other than that it is up to the student to create their own schedule. They have over 25 electives (valgfag) to choose from to fill their week including snowboarding, kickboxing, art, digital photography, soccer and much more. Students in the Norwegian course will have plenty of practice when learning the language, being submerged in a “mini” Norwegian society. They will interact around the clock with other Norwegian students during breakfast ‘til dinner. There are also many activities within the school year planned and held by the students. Some have been a celebrity wedding, volleyball tournament, and ladies’ night which all students and teachers take part in. During the school year there are also a total of 3“theme” weeks. The first is when the students and teachers take a trip to the mountains to get to know each other better. We hike to the top of Glittertind and also to a glacier.

Another week we are just working with theatre. Students will utilize their music, art, and acting skills to put on a production for the community. If you’re not the performing arts type, then you can take part behind the scenes working with filming, lights, or photography. The final “temauke” is a week filled with activities where the entire school participates. Some of the activities include ice diving (see top picture), snowboarding, dancing, climbing, and skiing.There are also “studieturer” (field trips). Each class will have their trips that they take during the school year. For example the Africa course will take trips to Africa or the theatre course will attend a musical in London. The Norwegian course will travel many times all over Norway and Scandinavia. If that isn’t enough for you then there is plenty to do in Elverum even though its size is small. There is a bowling alley, movie theatre/culture center, two shopping centers, cafes, gym hall, and more. Elverum’s bus station is also a connection to other near cities. An hour away is Trysil, one of Norway’s largest and finest ski resort. Forty-five minutes the other direction is Hamar a larger town than Elverum, and two hours away is the capital Oslo.

Students will have 33 weeks of school total, beginning in mid-August ‘til mid-May. Throughout the year there will be vacation time as well, one during the fall and winter along with a Christmas and Easter break. During this time the school will be closed. There will also be weekends with half day Fridays and no school on Saturdays. This is time for students to go home, but the school remains open for students who chose to stay (food is still provided). Around the school there is much that the students can take advantage of. There is a soccer field, both indoor and outdoor volleyball court, and in the winter there is a snowboard park right behind the school.

Admission information:
Once accepted, students will have to obtain a VISA if necessary and a residence permit from the Norwegian Embassy. More information and instructions will be provided via mail.Unfortunately Elverum Folkehøgskule does not offer scholarships.

The tuition includes room, food, school materials, field trips and books.

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