Norwegian cult./adv.


Wel­come to Elve­rum and Norway!

Elve­rum Folke­hog­skule is a uni­que board­ing school for stu­dents finis­hed with high school, or begin­ning col­lege. It offer aca­de­mic and non-academic cour­ses to all its stu­dents. The school is a one year course with most of its stu­dents being between the ages 18 and 24. The majority of stu­dents come from all parts of Nor­way, but others have come from the Uni­ted Sta­tes, Europe and countries from all over the world.

The school is not a tool to look for per­ma­nent stay or work in Nor­way. The Nor­we­gian course focu­ses on lear­ning the lan­guage and cul­ture. Stu­dents that take the Nor­we­gian course will have class seve­ral times a week along with other core sub­jects such as choir, group acti­vities, discus­sions on world events, and semi­nars with the entire school. Other than that it is up to the stu­dent to create their own sche­dule. They have over 25 electi­ves (valg­fag) to choose from to fill their week inclu­ding snow­board­ing, kick­box­ing, art, digi­tal pho­to­graphy, soc­cer and much more. Stu­dents in the Nor­we­gian course will have plenty of prac­tice when lear­ning the lan­guage, being sub­mer­ged in a “mini” Nor­we­gian society. They will inte­ract around the clock with other Nor­we­gian stu­dents during bre­ak­fast ‘til din­ner. There are also many acti­vities wit­hin the school year plan­ned and held by the stu­dents. Some have been a cele­brity wed­ding, vol­ley­ball tour­na­ment, and ladies’ night which all stu­dents and teachers take part in. During the school year there are also a total of 3“theme” weeks. The first is when the stu­dents and teachers take a trip to the moun­tains to get to know each other bet­ter. We hike to the top of Glit­ter­tind and also to a glacier.

Anot­her week we are just wor­king with thea­tre. Stu­dents will uti­lize their music, art, and acting skills to put on a pro­duc­tion for the com­mu­nity. If you’re not the per­for­ming arts type, then you can take part behind the sce­nes wor­king with fil­ming, lights, or pho­to­graphy. The final “tema­uke” is a week fil­led with acti­vities where the entire school par­ti­ci­pa­tes. Some of the acti­vities include ice diving (see top pic­ture), snow­board­ing, dan­cing, clim­bing, and skiing.There are also “stu­die­tu­rer” (field trips). Each class will have their trips that they take during the school year. For example the Africa course will take trips to Africa or the thea­tre course will attend a musi­cal in Lon­don. The Nor­we­gian course will tra­vel many times all over Nor­way and Scan­di­na­via. If that isn’t enough for you then there is plenty to do in Elve­rum even though its size is small. There is a bow­ling alley, movie theatre/culture cen­ter, two shop­ping cen­ters, cafes, gym hall, and more. Elverum’s bus sta­tion is also a con­nec­tion to other near cities. An hour away is Try­sil, one of Norway’s lar­gest and finest ski resort. Forty-five min­utes the other direc­tion is Hamar a lar­ger town than Elve­rum, and two hours away is the capi­tal Oslo.

Stu­dents will have 33 weeks of school total, begin­ning in mid-August ‘til mid-May. Throug­hout the year there will be vaca­tion time as well, one during the fall and win­ter along with a Chris­t­mas and Eas­ter break. During this time the school will be clo­sed. There will also be week­ends with half day Fri­days and no school on Satur­days. This is time for stu­dents to go home, but the school remains open for stu­dents who chose to stay (food is still pro­vi­ded). Around the school there is much that the stu­dents can take advan­tage of. There is a soc­cer field, both indoor and out­door vol­ley­ball court, and in the win­ter there is a snow­board park right behind the school.

Admis­sion infor­ma­tion:
Once accep­ted, stu­dents will have to obtain a VISA if neces­sary and a resi­dence per­mit from the Nor­we­gian Embassy. More infor­ma­tion and instruc­tions will be pro­vi­ded via mail.Unfortunately Elve­rum Folke­høg­skule does not offer scholarships.

The tuition inclu­des room, food, school mate­ri­als, field trips and books.